Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jimi Sir an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal

A Claude von Roesgen Film

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Jimi Sir an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal

A Claude von Roesgen (claude@jimisir.com) FilmDocumentary Film Winner, Key West IndieFest 2005
Take a journey to the rugged terrain that separates the barren Tibetan plateau and the plains of India. Live alongside Jimi, a Peace Corps volunteer in Melung, a days walk south of the trail from Kathmandu to Mt Everest base camp. Delve into the ways of the Tibetan Buddhist people living and farming side by side with the Hindu Sanskrit culture. Witness the Buddhist prayer wheels and flags alongside the Hindu puja rituals. Understand the challenges facing Nepal as its citizens struggle with overpopulation, deforestation, and drinking water quality. Celebrate the festival of Tihaar, a tribute to the animals. Watch Jimi as he strives to finish a water quality and educational development projects before the deadline of his completion of service.

Benefit from Jimi's two years of Peace Corps experience in Nepal as a high school math/science and English teacher by seeing Nepal through his eyes. Jimi speaks Nepali fluently and brings you into the culture. Come to understand what it means for a Westerner to spend two years in the Middle Ages where there are no roads, vehicles, electricity, plumbing, telephone or radio. Experience Jimi's unique perspective on our Western way of life.

A must see for anyone interested in visiting Nepal or has traveled there themselves. You'll feel like you're back in this enchanting land of mountain peaks that reach as high as the highest thunderheads. With rivers that churn their way furiously through narrow valleys flanked by rice paddies rising thousands of feet above the river bed. If you're a returned Peace Corps volunteer, interested in becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, or know anyone who did Peace Corps service you'll definitely want to watch JimiSir.
"I think Jimi Sir is the best movie about being a Peace Corps Volunteer I have seen."
Doane Perry
President Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteerswww.barpcv.org
Co-founder and leader of Friends of Uganda
Former board member and vice chairman of the board of the National Peace Corps Association
Compelling story of James Park's Peace Corps service in a remote village of Nepal. This film has it all: Local customs (the good and the bad), the art of kerosene lamp maintenance, dining by hand, views of the Himalayas an extracurricular sanitation project and a sweet farewell party. Required viewing for anyone considering Peace Corps service, or those who have already served in Nepal. Entertaining and educational.
RPCV Film Festival 2005, Washington, D.C.
Home of films reflecting the Peace Corps ideals: Exploring cultures, celebrating diversity, social service, and caring for the Other.
"Jimi Sir is the kind of film that can stimulate a thought provoking discussion in any classes that deal with intercultural communications and global awareness. I felt that I was traveling right along with Jimi as he experienced all the challenges of engaging a vastly different culture, while also encountering the common themes of almost all human interactions around the world. A powerful film about a humble undertaking, I find myself still thinking about it days after seeing it."
Charles Hadlock
Trustee Professor
Bentley College
"I was so touched by the movie, that today, I have sent a copy to Needham's, Pollard Middle School social studies department head. Coupled with a letter, I have asked him to view the movie and consider making it available for the entire school's benefit. What individual young or old, would not benefit by Jimi's unique experience? At the middle school level, it's hardly a reality that people exist in our world this way."
Gail Nannini
Former Board Member Needham Educational Foundation
Needham, Massachusetts
"Certainly you have captured Jimi's wonderful spirit and the closeness of your friendship with one another and with the folks in Melung. I'm sure they have not forgotten Jimi nor the intrepid videographer ... and you have not forgotten them."
Dee Clarke Welles
Concord, Massachusetts
"Wonderful; well-structured and organized; moving and humorous; a tribute to your friend, the Peace Corp, and the people of Nepal."
Suzanne Schyrokyj
Newton, Massachusetts
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Running time: 60 minutes
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